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Rogizoid Shatterz

Radiation Spills From My Heart
Burning Angel Film Starlet
Intergalactic Demagoguess
Performer Extraordinare
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Model: Rogizoid Shatterz

Photographer: Fotobrad

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Something Up Above
Model: Rogizoid Shatterz
Photographer: Fotobrad

Something Up Above

Model: Rogizoid Shatterz

Photographer: Fotobrad

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Where It All Begins 

Model: Rogizoid Shatterz

Photographer: Fotobrad

BK,NY 2014

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Umm hello My names Jordan. I keep to myself mostly and have a hard time talking to people but I really just love you and your work.I always wanted to say something to you but I didn't know how or what to say. I hope everything goes exceptionally well for you in all you do. And hopefully we can get to know one another if that's ok.I'm in to writing a lot and art. I just kinda do stuff. What about you?

Hi jordan. Thank you for the sweet message. Its really nice when I can get a msg from someone exposing themselves instead of talking shit. I like to do stuff too! Mostly fast paced nyc living with a dash of pleasure and piled on with some mom lyfe. Yes its true I’m a mom. I also paint *beginner* and a I write tons. Almost too much almost everyday. Im currently working on a book. In any case. Hit me up whenever. I’m around. :) thx for being so cool!

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Hey Rogi its Aria Rae, I did Burning Angels and we used to follow each other on twitter, you look lovely and delicious like always much love xoxo

Hey GIRL! I remember you. Hows it going sweet thang?? <3 <3 <3 < 3

i'm just one of so many followers on your fb. one of so many persons who perhaps knows you mainly because of the burning angel work. i saw your latest update on fb "did you miss my guts" hah, yes. i was reminded how you both here and on fb have made me smile a lot of times, not only by being so beautiful but also by being funny. hah. rogizoid rules! burning angel seems to really have a talent for featuring awesome ladies. hope for you the best, miss rogizoid. 25? 1988 kid as well? bam!

You have seriously been the first person to send me an ask and it says your name and everything! Thank you. I think its rad that you think i’m funny, i only think i’m the only one who thinks i’m funny hahahaha. YUP YUP Leo Woman to the core. ^.^

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Leopard slugs (Limax maximus) mating! While dangling on a thick line of mucus, both slugs extend their male reproductive organs from their heads and twine them together to exchange sperm.

Source. And diagrams of those dreamy sex organs.

Rogziel The Devourer : 2nd Stage into Zoid Towers

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Zoid Towers

By: Rogizoid Shatterz

Chapter 2


She had left those younger thoughts with every step she had taken.

Slowly they drifted away from her body, like smoke into the nothingness, going to a place only some hard concentration could flirt with, a memory.

For she did not know she walked the portal of wormholes oh so very well.

Now i find myself with blood pumping through my veins. I couldn’t remember when i dreamt of nothing, or if there was a time that my heart wasn’t just relentlessly beating me in my chest. But i loved this feeling. I am reveling in it. My eyes have only grown keener to this beauty and i see in two different places. I see now, and i see there and now.

It was either her, or her and others.

From the moment she’d awakened on Zoid, she had lost a piece of her dream state. She lost time in that dimension, she merely needed to walk more. Grow more, and take this journey again by the throat as she once did before.

This is her by herself, obtaining demure doe shaped dark brown eyes and hair all shades of grey. Skin bronzed by the sun. On this planet everything is technicolor, it is highlighter…….and nothing else existed but that Solarian creature and the creatures of bio-organics…..and something with much power yet to be revealed. The vegetation teemed with vitality, the flowers, the fungi all seemed to be breathing and singing. Singing a song for her, How long had they been doing that? 

What are those towers i see piercingly across the distance? Why are they beckoning my every membrane, my most internal fibers?

I find i intimidate people. Sometimes without even having to say a word. My mood is infectious. I felt as if i laid dormant for so long. How long had i been asleep? What is this place saying to me?

( TEASER!!!!!!!!)

*Letter From The Writer*

Most of you have no idea what i have been writing about all of these years and now i am finally about to tell her story. We can both go on this adventure together. 

This is her waking up. This is me efullgenting. 

These are my dreams, this was all for her.

I’ll tell you where i’ve been.

Once there was a way to get back homeward
Once there was a way to get back home

This is my jams.

Why yes i feel some of these!